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SankofaMag | Call for Papers — The Performer: Ilorin Journal of the Performing Arts
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Call for Papers — The Performer: Ilorin Journal of the Performing Arts

Call for Papers — The Performer: Ilorin Journal of the Performing Arts

The Performer: Ilorin Journal of the Performing Arts


Editorial Policy

The Editorial Board of The Performer: Ilorin Journal of the Performing Arts, the official Journal of the Department of the Performing Arts, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria welcomes scholarly and original contributions on various aspects of the Performing Arts – Dance, Drama, Music – and the special demand of their performative contexts (directing, acting, music, conducting, choreography, theatre management, Film/Video/TV, stage design, performance aesthetics, criticism, theatre technology and others). Important news in respect of on-going research, workshops, conferences and stage performances can also be sent.

Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Manuscripts should be written on Microsoft Word. The version of the Microsoft Word system used and the file name(s) of the manuscript(s) must be clearly stated. Two hard copies of the manuscript(s) should be sent to the Editor.
  2. You should also send your manuscript(s) as an e-mail attachment to rasheedmus2001@yahoo.com. As soon as this is done, please kindly call the Editor on 08033606540 for further enquiries.
  3. In order to facilitate blind review, authors should not print their names or affiliations on their articles. However, an interested author should provide relevant information on the above on a separate sheet.
  4. Manuscript should not exceed 20 pages of A4 paper in length and typed double-space. Use font 12 of Times New Roman on one page of every sheet of paper only.
  5. References should be cited in the APA Format, 6th Edition, e.g. (Barber, 1994, pp. 20-36) or Soyinka (1976, p. 82). The list of references should be written in alphabetical order using the following format:

Adeoye, A. A. (2010).  Between verbal and non-verbal theatricals: A director-humanist approach to the theatricalisation of African national development.  ABIBISEM: Journal of culture and civilisation.  3:  46-63.

Clark, E. (1980). Hurbert Ogunde: The making of Nigerian theatre. London: Oxford University Press.

Echeruo, M. J. C. (1981). Concert and theatre in late nineteenth century Lagos. In: Drama and theatre in Nigeria: A critical source book. Yemi Ogunbiyi (Ed.) pp. 357-369. Lagos: Nigeria Magazine.

  1. Receipt of manuscript(s) will be acknowledged and do note that manuscript(s) will be assessed by at least two readers other than the Editor and a decision on publication will be made accordingly.
  2. All manuscripts for publication in The Performer should be directed to:

Prof. AbdulRasheed A. Adeoye
The Editor:
The Performer: Ilorin Journal of the Performing Arts
Department of the Performing Arts
University of Ilorin.
P.M.B 1515
E-mail: rasheedmus2001@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 08033606540

NB: All past Editions of The Performer will soon be uploaded to our Internet database. Some Editions are available on the database already. Kindly send your papers on time.

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