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SankofaMag | Call for Submissions: Irawo Poetry Anthology 2016
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Call for Submissions: Irawo Poetry Anthology 2016

Call for Submissions: Irawo Poetry Anthology 2016

As part of the 48th Anniversary of Irawo University Centre, Ibadan, we plan to publish a collection of 48 poems in 2017. The proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be ploughed into the Irawo Development Fund.

Consequently, you are hereby invited to submit poems that can be published in this anthology. The poems will have an African (preferably Nigerian) theme reflecting topics such as:

  • Justice
  • Unity
  • Strength
  • Perseverance
  • Love
  • Progress
  • Diversity

Guidelines for submission

  • The submitted poem should not exceed 50 lines.
  • No more than three poems can be submitted.
  • In case of poems that have been previously published, indicate appropriately when and where they were first published.
  • Poems submitted must be original. Plagiarised works will be disqualified.
  • Contributions should be sent in Microsoft Word format and saved with the author’s surname.
  • All contributions should be e-mailed to irawouniversity@gmail.com
  • A panel of judges will select 48 poems from the expected submissions.
  • Each author will be entitled to a copy of the anthology when published.
  • Submission ends by 12:00 midnight of August 31, 2016.

About Irawo University Centre

Irawo University Centre is a private hall of residence for male students of the University of Ibadan. It was established October 1969, became residential in 1972 but only moved to its permanent location in 1990. Irawo is owned by the Educational Cooperation Society (ECS), a not-for-profit Nigerian educational trust. That same year, the University of Ibadan recognized Irawo University Centre as “a private hall of residence associated with the university” – the first to be thus acknowledged in the Nigeria University System.

The key aim of Irawo is to contribute to the academic, professional, human, cultural and spiritual formation of university students. To do this, emphasis is placed on creating in Irawo an atmosphere conducive to serious academic work.  Irawo University Centre, indeed, is not so much an investment in buildings and structures as it is in persons. Since its inception, thousands of students and professional men have passed through it and participated in its activities.

The reason for launching the Irawo Development Fund stems from our desire to continue to play a relevant role in forming persons who could contribute to meeting the needs of society. The building, which is the seat of Irawo University Centre, is one of the best teaching instruments that we have. It was constructed with funds received through the kind donations of many persons and institutions. After years of constant use, a major upgrade is required to meet the needs of the 21st century university scholar.

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