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A Cloud of Change

By Yosola Adeniran Ten years later, you watch her pass by your window, swaggering, her dress billowing in the breeze and you know she has changed. Before she left your one room apartment, which you shared with your two children from different fathers, you had dropped your...

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A YELLOW TAXI pulled over, in front of the school gate and the brothers alighted with grocery bags. It was the last Saturday of the month and the school’s visiting day. For the past three months, the principal had cancelled school visits. ‘The school is...

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The last night

By Andrew Aondosoo Labe THIS VILLAGE smells like a malodorous wound. The moon sits bald and folds her hands on top of a starry tablecloth. The sun stands still with his hands crossed at his orange chest. Everything else is a collage of darkness – the trees...

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A bowl of hope

By Ehi’zogie Iyeomoan I was in a dream - a sort of early morning trance - when a voice needled through the walls of my room, from the metal door. "Mallam. Uncle. Mallam. Ina kwanan ka." Without answering, I rolled slowly on the bed, yawned; eyes still shut...

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Ivory Coast

Tiencepay's stories and poems are carved using the modern tools of immediacy, she sculpts the language of everyday, conveying global and cosmopolitan stories. Tiencepay, is also a poet is a busy creative industry lady with passion for writing....

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That July Evening

By Kemi Falodun [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="©creativeandmoving.com"][/caption] He is my best friend and my only taste of unparalleled love. It was in his company I got the strength to overcome my fears. It was he who pulled me out of myself when depression...

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