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Three Poems by Ayomide Joe

Ali They sang him a song as he saddled on shoulders, the hero of Gamboru-ngala. Ali Bomaye. They brought him a song on Shekau’s ensemble, While men slept, enemies assembled Then the devil sipped water. We will sing him a song, as he rides to Valhalla. In our hearts burn his pyre for here in Fatori, death...

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by Nanya Kooper My lover, your little talks have made me linger Hungry for your attention and earning for you with honest intentions The sun sets and I have no rest, no good place to lay my head My dreams are filled with pictures, motion images bearing moments with...

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3 Poems by Gary Beck

Satan's Servants Adverts have publicized international terror, a product purveyed by false promoters of radical Islam, who delude the gullible to commit suicide, targeting unbelievers and believers alike. Terrorist's violations of the book and the faith reveal their true nature, proclaiming them enemies of civilization willing to destroy all to prevent progress.   Media Gifts The world has always known violence, murder, war, even ethnic cleansing, but...

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My choice

By Seyi Oyebode My choice  Nature brings we nurture Breeze in life may not be by choice Brothers in have, sisters by nature All I do is to nurture But you, my friend, you are my choice; A choice I made. On you I lean, from you I learn, With you, it’s great. You are...

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City of shadows

By Chika Jones 1. City of shadows In the city of shadows, White spaces house dark matter, The lesions of our genetic sin, Flash in the dark, Only night eyes see with pale clarity, The faces of the beast. Even the alchemical texts, Tell not of what short circuits time, After the magic of skin trades, The...

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The road to Epe and other poems

By Oyin Oludipe 1. The road to Epe   January is the deity month, hatching Flies in rainbow mote, warping Stars in sweet lather of smoke, Warm roots of barefoot hills, rending Wood to fire, cauldrons And spices of primal feasts Silhouettes and drummer tides around A fragile bed, a spot of veneration Till an infant...

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Grave and nightmare

By Deji Adesoye  1. Grave 'I will die for you' is no more a fresh formula For a love hunt We are already dead. Nothing is left of us but the bones beneath the carcass Marinated in salt and blood for our doublegangers.   After corruption and impunity beheaded us Our love songs too...

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He came in moonlit grace

(To my son, Mone Shakyumiter Gilgamesh Peregrine Labe, born Friday 18th Sept., 2015)   He came in moonlit grace Out of the silent shrills of sundown When in fairer tapestries, thousand stars emerged on golden chariots And nine moons sang sonorous psalmodies.   He came in moonlit grace Like a candle flame embroidered...

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Ngodoo gom

  (In Memoriam)   Ngodoo At Vespers, The night stood still With the moon and stars clothed in ashes And I read the dirge: You stood adorned with the moon And crowned with dazzling stars I called your name, three times And you smiled and soared Glossed with the Viaticum of endless prayers.   Ngodoo At Compline, The night became a...

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Midway and other poems

By Kemi Falodun   1. Midway The ease in the eyes of those who gaze Upon their dusk with ethereal tranquility Tongue that employs words and silence To scream “I have nothing more to lose” Hand that no longer longs to hold strangers Nor stretch for a handshake halfway   What do you wish...

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By 'Gbenga Adeoba 1. Ghosts Ghosts are not these painted wannabe actors trading roles in low cost vampire movies, poorly written clowning scripts and other places beyond sceneries where dead relatives revisit their old homes lisping favourite songs amid sudden flickering of window blinds, crashing tumblers and picture frames, clicking sounds of a grandfather clock and notes from...

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