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Since 2013, SankofaMag has been publishing new writings on culture and development, bringing beautiful work by established and emerging writers to an international audience. Through our work, brave thinking and bold new voices challenge, inform and entertain by creating timeless and compelling stories in the advancement of literature, the arts and discourse of the world’s most important and intriguing topics.

Published by the Sankofa Initiative for Culture and Development, a non-governmental organisation registered in Nigeria, your freewill donations would help make possible the perpetual promotion of our foundational interests in culture and development, the weekly publication of SankofaMag, and other vital programs that deepen youth involvement in civic engagement and the literary arts.

We are grateful for donations of any amount and you can also support us by setting up a monthly donation to help keep SankofaMag running. You can do so through Paystack, a simple and secure platform that accepts payment from anyone, anywhere in the world.

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