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Magazine seeks new writings on Culture, Development and Politics

SankofaMag is a platform where brave thinking and bold new voices challenge, inform and entertain the world. An avant-garde mix of storytelling and cutting-edge creativity, our contributors create timeless and compelling stories in the advancement of literature, the arts and discourse of the world’s most important and intriguing topics.

SankofaMag brings a creative twist to the practice of journalism thus creating a middle-ground where literary dexterity and best practices from the journalism profession are combined to delight our audience. With foundational interests in culture, development and politics, we publish art, features, fiction, interview, podcast, poetry and focused chapbooks for the young and old.


Contributors are invited to send in up to three pieces for consideration. There are no restrictions as to topic, style or theme as long as they are related to the overall focus of the magazine in the areas of culture, development and politics.

All entries must be original, unpublished, in English and typed at 1.5 spacing in Microsoft Word. Submissions in other languages must be accompanied with English translation. Entries should be sent electronically to engage@sankofainitiative.org  and must be accompanied by a short profile and portrait picture. The word “Submission” and the entrant’s name must appear in the subject line of the email transmission.


Selected contributors will receive emails acknowledging receipt of their work as well as details of scheduled publication dates within six months. We acquire first electronic publishing rights. All other rights revert to the contributor six months after publication. Published work remains part of SankofaMag’s online archive and may be considered for the bimonthly digital edition and our annual print anthologies. If the work is reprinted elsewhere, we ask that you acknowledge SankofaMag as the original place of publication.

It should be noted that selected contributors will not be paid but will enjoy a nonexclusive access to the magazine and the freedom to share its contents with the world. Where an entry is selected for publication in the bimonthly digital edition or our annual anthologies, the contributor will be duly informed and will also receive a copy of the publication.

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