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SankofaMag | Three Poems by Ayomide Joe
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Three Poems by Ayomide Joe

Three Poems by Ayomide Joe


They sang him a song
as he saddled on shoulders,
the hero of Gamboru-ngala.
Ali Bomaye.

They brought him a song
on Shekau’s ensemble,
While men slept, enemies assembled
Then the devil sipped water.

We will sing him a song,
as he rides to Valhalla.
In our hearts burn his pyre
for here in Fatori, death is victory


He is here, my lord
The owner of Anaye
The fotress that will check
This war
My father, Ogedengbe is ready
The lord of war is ready
Go tell Ogunmola
His scarifications are for naught

We have slain the Ajeles
Ekiti ti parapo
There is no going back
The Owa has given his blessings
He has blessed Ogundamola
He who sits in his iyewu
And kills enemies on the battlefield

Tell Ibadan
Longe is back from Ita-ogbolu
They shall not pass Kiriji
Ogedengbe Abogunboro is ready
L’ogun ofe ooooo



Efunroye Iyaloja
Unfazed and undaunted,
Rubbing shoulders,
Making the numbers.

Efunsetan Iyalode,
the gold is her aim,
She stakes her claim.

Moremi Ajasoro
Triumphing where men failed,
With wisdom and grace
She saves her race.



Ayomide joe was born in Akure. He studied medicine in Obafemi Awolowo University, a few of his works have appeared in SarabaMag.


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